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Drug Discovery

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Hamilton Germany GmbH, Germany

HAMILTON Robotics designs and manufactures fully automated robotic systems. The products range from unique, custom laboratory automation solutions (Turnkey Solutions) on standard applications validated through partnership programs with renowned biotechnology companies as well as OEM solutions to the more

BioTek Instruments GmbH,

BioTek is a leading developer and supplier of high-value microplate instrumentation and software solutions. Our instrumentation is used to accelerate the drug discovery process, to advance discoveries in genomics and proteomics, and to aid in the advancement of life science research. As part of the more

Charles River Endotoxin Microbial Detection Europe SAS, France

Charles River is the world's leading supplier of endotoxin detection products. As a global provider of rapid microbiological product solutions, our goal is to provide superior product quality and consistency to the scientific community. more

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Products Drug Discovery

Label-free Analysis of Binding Interactions in High-Throughput

The biosensor system for high-quality kinetic screening and affinity characterization of molecular interactions - Pall FortéBio’s new Octet RED96e more

Reliable liquid handling solutions for laboratories with medium to high sample throughputs

The Biomek i-Series Automated Workstations have been designed to optimize walk-away time in mid to high throughput labs more

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  • Inspiring new drug discovery by pseudo natural products

    Almost a third of the available pharmaceuticals is based on natural products. The discovery of new natural products-inspired drugs however, is slow due to their limited chemical diversity, their high chemical complexity and the resulting low yields. The group of Herbert Waldmann has found a way to b more

  • New drug candidates reverse drug resistance in multiple myeloma in preclinical models

    In an article Medical University of South Carolina investigators report that a new compound enhances the efficacy of proteasome inhibitors (PIs), the standard-of-care for the treatment of multiple myeloma (MM), in cell culture and in preclinical models. The efficacy and safety of the novel combinati more

  • Bioactive novel compounds from endangered tropical plant species

    It is well known that natural products are valuable resources for drug discovery and development. In particular, plant-derived natural products have greatly contributed to the area of cancer chemotherapeutics. Many antitumor drugs currently in clinical use, such as paclitaxel, vinca alkaloids (vinbl more

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Researchers use acoustic waves to move fluids at the nanoscale

A team of mechanical engineers at the University of California San Diego has successfully used acoustic waves to move fluids through small channels at the nanoscale. The breakthrough is a first step toward the manufacturing of small, portable devices that could be used for drug discovery and mic ... more

The Accidental Discovery of LSD

Bicycle day's just around the corner, but it's not what you think. This isn't a holiday honoring your favorite two wheeled, environmentally friend vehicle - it's about the day chemist Albert Hofmann first discovered the psychedelic effects of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, or LSD-25. Today we're ta ... more

Reliable liquid handling solutions for laboratories with medium to high sample throughputs

The Biomek i-Series Automated Workstations have been designed to optimize walk-away time in mid to high throughput labs. Product development paid particular attention to make sure that the pipetting robots would be easy and efficient to use, adaptable and reliable. Multiple configuration options exi more

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Understanding the Drug Discovery Process

As a consumer, it’s easy to be oblivious to the amount of time, work, and money that goes into the development of a drug. The cost of developing a drug that goes on to gain marketing approval was estimated to be $2,558 million in 2014, and the process can commonly last longer than a decade. Addition more

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Molecular Binding Kinetics: What Lies Beneath the Curves

Molecular interactions play a myriad of important roles in drug discovery and development. In this webinar, we will discuss kinetics analysis on the Octet® and BLItz™ Systems. We will answer fundamental questions, including: What processes apply to each part of the binding curve? What do the rate c


Molecular Imaging: A Powerful Translational Tool in Drug Development

In vivo imaging techniques play an increasingly integral role in the drug development process. The applications of in vivo translational imaging are extending further into drug discovery and development and have the potential to considerably accelerate the process, reduce cost and increase 3Rs compl


Ion Channels and Pain: In Vitro Approaches to Novel Drug Discovery

Pain stimuli activate nerve fibers called nociceptors that relay signals via multiple pathways to the brain. Ion channels underlie the electrical signaling throughout the body so modulators of ion channels have the potential to be effective pain therapies.

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Drug discovery

Drug discovery In medicine , biotechnology and pharmacology , drug discovery is the process by which drugs are discovered and/or designed. In the past most drugs have been discovered either by identifying the active ingredient from tradition ... more


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