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DNA Damage

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  • Coaxing cancer cells to commit suicide

    An LMU team has identified an enzyme that is essential for DNA repair. Loss of this factor leads to cell death when cancer cells accumulate DNA damage. Chemical inhibition of the target protein offers a possible strategy for the treatment of specific cancers. In Germany, as in most Western countries more

  • Merck and Artios will conduct collaborative research

    Merck and Artios Pharma Limited, a leading DNA Damage Response (DDR) company developing a broad pipeline of precision medicines for the treatment of cancer, announced a global three year strategic research collaboration to discover and develop multiple precision oncology drugs. “Our platform has the more

  • Research team discovers mechanism that restores cell function after genome damage

    A research team from Cologne has discovered that a change in the DNA structure – more precisely in the chromatin – plays a decisive role in the recovery phase after DNA damage. The key is a double occupation by two methyl groups on the DNA packaging protein histone H3 (H3K4me2). The discovery was ma more

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ICR Researchers use Cryo-Electron Microscopy to zoom in on DNA code being read in cells

ICR Researchers led by Dr Alessandro Vannini have captured images of molecular machinery called RNA Polymerase III in the act of transcribing a gene in exquisite and unprecedented detail. Animation provided by Phospho Biomedical Animation more

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