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BioVariance GmbH, Germany

BioVariance is a full service provider for bioinformatics in the fields of drug discovery, drug design, biomarker and target identification as well as translational and precision medicine and others. We focus on broad biomedical data analytics and customized software development for pharmaceutics, b more

aiNET GmbH, Switzerland

aiNET is an ETH spin-off based in Basel, Switzerland. We offer immunoinformatic services. aiNET leverages artificial intelligence and large-scale networks to help pharmaceutical industries and biotechs discover biologics from next-generation sequencing big data. - We analyze your data and sel more

Data4Cure, Inc., USA

Data4Cure provides pharmaceutical companies and other research organizations with access to the Biomedical Intelligence® Cloud - a leading cloud platform for growing biomedical knowledge from data. We also work with Fortune 500 companies, biotechs, hospitals and research institutes to provide add-on more

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  • Using algorithms to track down cancer

    Modern medicine is looking for markers that provide early warning of complex diseases. In its quest to discover these “biomarkers”, the ETH spinoff Scailyte has developed software capable of analysing millions of single cells very efficiently. The search for biomarkers is currently one of the bigges more

  • Artificial intelligence learns to recognize nerve cells by their appearance

    Is it possible to understand the brain? Science is still far from answering this question. However, since researchers have started training artificial intelligence on neurobiological analyses, it seems at least possible to reconstruct the cellular structure of a brain. New artificial neural networks more

  • Sanofi and Google to develop new healthcare Innovation Lab

    Sanofi and Google will establish a new virtual Innovation Lab with the ambition to radically transform how future medicines and health services are delivered by tapping into the power of emerging data technologies. “We stand on the forefront of a new age for biology and human health, with the opport more

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