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  • Sanofi and AstraZeneca exchange more than 200,000 chemical compounds

    Sanofi andAstraZeneca announced a direct exchange of 210,000 compounds from their respective, proprietary compound libraries. The exchange represents a novel, open innovation model of collaboration between two leading pharmaceutical companies. It will enhance the chemical diversity of the compound c more

  • Folded and misfolded protein levels in cells

    Scientists have long needed better tools for making such measurements in cells, because protein misfolding is a major cause of damage to tissues. Disorders that feature excessive protein misfolding afflict millions of people worldwide and include Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, the systemic am more

  • BRAIN takes over anti-bitter patents and utility patent portfolio from BASF

    The biotechnology company BRAIN AG has taken over a patent portfolio from its long-standing in-dustrial partner BASF SE, which was developed as part of a three year research and development partnership between the two companies. The portfolio comprises four patent families, including utility and pro more

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