About Büchi

BÜCHI Labortechnik is a globally operating privately held company headquartered in Switzerland. Founded 1939 as a glass blowing workshop BÜCHI is offering laboratory equipment, analytical systems and NIR technology. Since 1978 the German BÜCHI Labortechnik GmbH situated in Essen serves its customers and lab dealers with its own field sales force, with tech service and with applications support and training courses.

Facts about Büchi
  • Founding: 1978
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Employees: 201-500
  • Industry : Laboratory equipment / supplies

Products from Büchi

Product portfolio

analysis of cereals and grains
automatic digestion machines
chemometrics software
cup flasks
digestion units
drying ovens
fat determination
feed analytics
flue gas scrubbers
glass columns
glass furnaces
gradient pumps
incoming goods inspection
injection valves
IR digestion systems
Kjeldahl systems
laboratory rotary evaporators
large rotary evaporators
nano spray dryers
outgoing goods inspections
parallel evaporators
preashing units
spray dryers
total fat determination
UV detectors

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