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iSentio was founded in 2005 and is based on research done on advanced DNA analysis methods by the three founders, Øyvind Kommedal, Øystein Sæbø and Bjarte Karlsen. The resulting product, RipSeq(R), is an online software tool for rapid bacterial identification, with focus on analyzing mixed clinical samples. This unique method can reduce the bacterial identification time with up to 90% as well as provide answers where all other methods fail or are inadequate.

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    Isentio AS is expanding and opens office in Silicon Valley, USA

    Isentio AS opens a new office in n Sunnyvale, California as a significant step in the com­pany’s strategy to grow globally. Bjarte Karlsen, the company’s CEO, will lead the operation as President of Isentio US LLC and expand the company’s customer base and partnerships based on the contacts ... more

    1.5 million USD in new funding & new chairman of the board to iSentio AS

    iSentio AS has raised 1.5 million USD in new funding from new and existing investors. The funding will be used to grow sales, marketing and support, as well as enable the company to accelerate the development of new application areas. iSentio has had a successful market introduction of its ... more

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