Headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, a Warsaw Stock Exchange listed company, Bioton S.A. is among the first four companies worldwide being able to produce recombinant human insulin. This product is already registered on the most attractive markets.

Bioton is able to pursue its strategic objectives of protecting Patients’ health and improving the quality of their lives by participating in research and development projects and promoting the expansion of its product portfolio to deliver to the market most innovative pharmaceutical products.. Bioton Group developed its global position by targeting the most attractive insulin markets – among them Poland, Russia, Ukraine, China, India and other Asia Pacific countries. Bioton’s aim is to build strong, international operations focused on sales of insulin and other biotech products, development of new clinically important drugs and strategic alliances with world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

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    Bayer acquires exclusive rights to Bioton’s insulin SciLin

    Bayer Schering Pharma AG, Germany, has signed an exclusive supply and distribution agreement with the Polish insulin producer Bioton S.A. and Bioton’s Singaporean subsidiary, SciGen, to strengthen its pharmaceutical product portfolio. For an up-front payment of 31 million Euros, Bayer acqui ... more

    Biopartners Appoints Dr Conrad Savoy as CEO

    Biopartners GmbH has announced the appointment of Dr Conrad Savoy as its new CEO and President of the Board from the 1st of May 2009. The change, which sees former CEO, Jean-Noël Treilles remain closely involved with the company in advisory consultancy role, is the result of a planned succe ... more

    Biopartners Holdings AG Purchased by Bioton S.A.

    Biopartners Holdings AG has announced that it has been purchased in a deal worth $78M by Bioton S.A., a Polish biotechnology company. Bioton S.A., and entities associated with DLJ Merchant Banking Partners signed a purchase agreement for 100% shares in share capital on 9th March 2007, inclu ... more