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We Have the Scientific Know-How™ Pharmaceutics International, Inc. (Pii) is a science-driven contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) with a single campus in Hunt Valley, MD USA, offering unparalleled scientific insight and depth of product knowledge while supplying high-quality dosage forms that enhance the lives of patients worldwide. Founded in 1994, Pii has grown from 12 employees to over 280 scientists and support staff and over 360,000 square feet of space in the U.S. Pii's cGMP facilities are state-of-the-art and contain over 70 manufacturing rooms as well as containment suites for handling high potency compounds and hormones, dedicated manufacturing suites for oral products (e.g. soft gels) and injectables (e.g. vials and syringes), a formulation development center and state-of-the-art analytical laboratories.

Your CDMO Partner with Customizable Services Pii provides customized and flexible solutions, across a wide range of dosage forms and has proven experience with a broad range of drugs and biologics. For twenty-five years, Pii has been supporting its pharmaceutical partners (from virtual to multinational) with extensive technical and regulatory capabilities, Pharmaceutics Know-How™ and the highest level of customer service. With more than 400 development programs completed, Pii's scientific team has extensive experience working with drugs and biologics representing an ever-widening range of physicochemical characteristics (and challenges). Our specialized capabilities, multi-product facilities and knowledge base allow us to work with potent compounds and hormones, develop complex parenteral and oral dosage forms, and support varied manufacturing processes.

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