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iQur(r) is a specialty pharmaceutical company at the forefront of international breakthroughs in the detection, treatment and monitoring of Hepatitis C and other liver diseases.

iQur exists to provide clinicians with a comprehensive, 24-48 hour service for genotyping, qualitation and quantification of both the Hepatitis C (HCV) and Hepatitis B (HBV) viruses. Diagnostic testing is available using blood samples, saliva samples, blood spots and small volume whole blood. Our menu also includes qualitation and quantification of HIV, and a patient-friendly repeatable test to measure the extent of liver fibrosis using serum markers.

iQur also has an active programme in liver therapeutics, with vaccine research being at the forefront. However, we also have interests in developing novel chemotherapies for viral liver disease and molecular biological treatments for liver fibrosis.

Founded in 2003 by liver disease specialist Professor William Rosenberg, iQur is based in Southampton General Hospital and has a second therapeutics research office at the University of Leeds.

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