BIOMEVA is an experienced, reliable, and very flexible provider of contract services in the biopharmaceutical industry, dedicated to meeting the manufacturing needs for the production of microbial derived protein products.

Since 1993, BIOMEVA has been producing cGMP-compliant material in the 1.500 L fermentation scale for biopharmaceutical clients worldwide. The scientific knowledge and operational expertise in the transfer, scale-up and validation of cGMP processes are acknowledged throughout the world.

For established biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical companies, outsourcing to BIOMEVA streamlines product development and reduces the time to market. BIOMEVA also provides support to early-stage companies who may lack the staff, expertise and financial resources to conduct cGMP manufacturing in-house. BIOMEVA’s services and broad experience provides all of its clients with a cost alternative to the fixed costs associated with internal process development and manufacture.

BIOMEVA offers comprehensive services for the cGMP manufacturing and processing of biopharmaceuticals using microorganisms (E. coli and yeasts) including cell banking. In its fully cGMP compliant facility, BIOMEVA can manufacture at Biosafety Level I (BSL-1) and II (BSL-2).

Facts about BIOMEVA
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  • Industry : Pharma

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