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Molzym was founded as a privately owned enterprise in Bremen, North-West Germany, in 2003. Ever since its foundation, Molzym was committed to develop innovative solutions to serve biological research and diagnosis of infectious diseases. Products range from pre-analytical kits for the enrichment and extraction of microbial DNA to analytical PCR kits with ultra-clean DNA-free reagents and are distributed in more than 30 countries worldwide. For clinical diagnostics, Molzym offers CE IVD-marked kits for the culture-independent detection of bacteria and fungi in blood, body fluids and tissues.

Research reagents

MolYsis™ is Molzym’s proprietary technology of human DNA removal and targeted isolation of microbial DNA from a variety of liquid and tissue samples. The microbes can be detected, even at low amounts, with Molzym’s ultra-clean PCR and real-time PCR assays. The PCR reagents are free of any contaminating microbial DNA which prevents false positive results. PCR assays include a highly active Taq polymerase and different master mixes including universal 16S and 18S rDNA primers for a sensitive detection of bacterial and fungal DNA. Basic master mixes are offered for the use with custom-designed primers and probes.

Clinical Diagnostics

With SepsiTest™-UMD and Micro-Dx™, Molzym offers two CE IVD-marked solutions for the culture-independent detection of pathogens. Both kits include reagents for the removal of human DNA and the targeted isolation of microbial DNA from a variety of clinical samples including whole blood, CSF, BAL, joint aspirates, tissue biopsies, abscesses and other materials. Manual DNA isolation can be accomplished with SepsiTest™-UMD and with Micro-Dx™ the process is fully automated. Precise detection is performed with broad-range 16S/18S PCR and sequencing analysis to identify the pathogens down to the species level. Both assays are especially applicable for samples which were negative after culturing, e.g. due to prior antibiotic treatment.


The latest development is a walk-away robotic system, SelectNA™plus, for the fully automated isolation of human DNA-depleted microbial DNA (MolYsis™ technology) from clinical and other material. SelectNA™plus combines highest technical advances with demands for contamination-free and low-hands-on processing of samples for highest detection sensitivity of pathogens.


Molzym is always open to any collaboration directed to the development of individualized, pre-analytic and analytic adaptations, including automated DNA isolation. Molzym has developed a broad portfolio of patented technologies and reagents for pathogen-DNA enrichment, isolation and detection, including PCR and NGS applications. If specific solutions are requested, Molzym offers a service for the purification of customized master mixes. The Molzym team appreciates your interest and is at your disposal for further information about our products and developmental issues.

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  • Founding: 2003
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Employees: 11-50
  • Industry : Laboratory analysis / Laboratory measurement technology, Laboratory equipment / supplies

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