About Jola Spezialschalter

The company Jola Spezialschalter GmbH & Co. KG is a medium-sized enterprise based in the German town of Lambrecht employing about 70 people. It was founded in 1952 as a sister company of the former cloth factory “Gebrüder Haas” to develop and market a company invention, a water-tight limit switch, and a level controller based on the same principle. Today Jola is a well-known manufacturer in the area of level control and leakage detection for all liquid applications.

The complete product range can be purchased in many parts of the world. The French subsidiary JOLA SARL was founded in 1986. Authorized dealers market the Jola product range in many other European and several non-European countries.

Facts about Jola Spezialschalter
  • Founding: 1952
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Employees: 51-200
  • Industry : Production technology

Product portfolio of Jola Spezialschalter

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