About T-CURX

T-CURX is a Biotech company, spun-out from the University Clinics Würzburg, Germany, developing first- and best-in-class personalized immunotherapies on the basis of CAR-T cells. CAR-T cells are a transformative, one-shot, chemotherapy-free targeted and personalized cancer treatment. T-CURX has exclusive licenses for proprietary technologies and CAR-T product opportunities developed in the laboratory of Prof. M. Hudecek, Würzburg, Germany one of the leading European clinical CAR-T cell laboratories.

T-CURX leverages several cutting-edge CAR-T engineering technologies, including virus-free transposon based genetic engineering and a highly flexible and modular CAR format. This provides unparalleled flexibility, efficacy, safety, but also scalability for developing CAR-T cells at significantly lower costs than conventional lentivirus-based CAR-T cell manufacturing.

It is our ambition to democratize transformative personalized CAR-T immunotherapies for many more cancer patients both in hematological and solid tumor indications, who currently cannot benefit from these transformative medicines, due to current cumbersome and expensive CAR-T technologies.

Facts about T-CURX
  • Founding: 2017
  • Focus : Service
  • Industry : Biotechnology, Pharma

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