As engineers and designers, we have always been frustrated about wasting time on tasks that could have been performed smarter.

It became clear that laboratory professionals shared our frustration. They spend most of their time in the laboratory performing manual and repetitive work. That is why we build a tool, that enables laboratory professionals to automate the tedious work of designing, executing and documenting their experiments.

Inniti is the solution for accelerating innovation in your laboratory. We provide laboratory professionals with a solution for automating the design, execution and documentation of experiments.

By connecting all your laboratory equipment to the same software platform, we enable you to automatically design, perform and replicate complex experiments with a few clicks.

Our solution is modular, so you can build your experiment and ongoingly adapt it to changing needs in the laboratory.

Inniti’s software platform provides you with the tools for automating research and development in your laboratory.

You are able to control and monitor all your equipment directly from your own computer. Design your experiment with our drag and drop functionality. When you press "start" the equipment will be operated exactly as intended, while you can live monitor and control the experiment from anywhere.

Facts about INNITI
  • Founding: 2017
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Laboratory equipment / supplies, IT

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