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Senorics is a carve-out of the TU Dresden, which aims to develop technologies, miniaturize spectroscopic applications and get them ready for the mass market. The innovative sensor technology from Senorics has the potential to use small, cost-effective systems to measure substances in a wide range of solids and liquids such as those found in foodstuffs, agricultural products, plastics and medicines. Spectroscopy is a distortion-free, optical measuring method where radiation – here, the light reflected off an object in particular – is used to identify certain properties. Sophisticated technology and the related costly systems were previously needed in order to apply these technologies in an industrial context.

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    ZEISS and Senorics Establish Partnership

    ZEISS’ investment in Senorics marks the start of a technology collaboration with the sensorics startup based in Dresden, Germany. The partnership aims to further the joint development of small and cost-effective sensors for industrial use in quality assurance and in process monitoring, e.g. ... more

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