anvajo GmbH

Microscopy and spectrometry in the palm of your hand


Anvajo GmbH, a spin-off diagnostic company from Dresden University of Technology, is a developer and manufacturer of point-of-care solutions for the diagnostic testing of liquids. After six years of research, the anvajo team has developed a portable device for point-of-care fluid analysis that has the potential to be used in a wide variety of industries.

The anvajo "fluidlab" combines two central laboratory technologies: 1. Spectroscopy and 2. Microscopy in one portable diagnostic device. The performance of each test is supported by a customly designed sample carrier system that functions in processing and delivering the fluid to the analyzer.

The fluidlab system is highly applicable in all fields of science and has many uses in human and veterinary medicine, food and feed analysis and environmental and water analysis. In veterinary and human medicine, for example, the device can be used to carry out quick diagnostic testing of blood, urine and/or sperm instantly at the point-of-need.

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