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Cysteamine is a natural biological active ingredient that reduces the level of melanin in human skin. It removes brown spots, treats pigmented marks and produces a uniform and light skin complexion. Long established as very safe and potent, it was never applied to skin depigmentation – until Cysteamine Cream®. Discover the story behind.Cysteamine is naturally present in human cells as well as in human milk. The cysteamine molecule acts as an intrinsic antioxidant and is known for its protective role against ionizing radiation. Cysteamine content is highest in human milk compared to most other food sources and can be called as the anti-oxidant of human milk. In the 1960's, a group of researchers led by Dr. Chavin discovered the very potent depigmenting abilities of cysteamine. These researchers found that an injection of cysteamine into the black goldfish skin turned that skin white. Later in 1968, other researchers led by Dr. Pathak and Dr. Bleehen confirmed the efficacy of topical cysteamine as a depigmentation therapy and demonstrated that cysteamine was significantly more effective than hydroquinone for skin depigmentation.

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