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At Dicronis, we strive to enhance the quality-of-life of patients with our innovative technology. ​The first product in our pipeline, Lymphit, measures patient’s lymphatic function in a safe, home-based and highly scalable manner. The initial indication of Lymphit is the earliest possible diagnosis of secondary lymphedema, a serious side effect of many cancer therapies. By remotely monitoring the lymphatic function, the physician is enabled for the first time to perform an early diagnosis, before the swelling has occurred, and evaluate the best conservative treatment for the patient.This leads to a great improvement of the prognosis and quality of life of the patient and important savings for the healthcare system and society.


Attilio Baggermann

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    Merck announced the ten startups that will be joining the seventh intake of its Accelerator program at the Merck Innovation Center in Darmstadt. The teams come from nine different countries, making 2019 the most international intake in the Merck Accelerator’s history. They were chosen from ... more

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