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  • New chemical tools to modify and study biomolecules

    Understanding the structure and metabolism of cells and living organisms is essential for the development of new drugs and diagnostics. The availability of chemical tools that allow scientists to edit biomolecules, like proteins, with atom-level resolution have greatly contributed to the progress of more

  • Advancing stem cell therapy with biodegradable scaffold

    Rutgers scientists have created a tiny, biodegradable scaffold to transplant stem cells and deliver drugs, which may help treat Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, aging brain degeneration, spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries. Stem cell transplantation, which shows promise as a treat more

  • New method measures single molecules from nanoliter of blood in real time

    University of Groningen scientists, led by Associate Professor of Chemical Biology Giovanni Maglia, have designed a nanopore system that is capable of measuring different metabolites simultaneously in a variety of biological fluids, all in a matter of seconds. The electrical output signal is easily more

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  • Synthetic post-translational modification of histones

    Publication date: August 2018 Source:Current Opinion in Chemical Biology, Volume 45 Author(s): Simon Nadal, Ritu Raj, Shabaz Mohammed, Benjamin G Davis Chromatin is the physiological template of genetic information in all eukaryotic cells, a highly organised complex of DNA and histone more

  • Synthetic fermentation of bioactive molecules

    Publication date: October 2018 Source:Current Opinion in Chemical Biology, Volume 46 Author(s): Iain A Stepek, Jeffrey W Bode The concept of synthetic fermentation is to ‘grow’ complex organic molecules in a controlled and predictable manner by combining small molecule building blocks in w more

  • DNA methylation as a genomic marker of exposure to chemical and environmental agents

    Publication date: August 2018 Source:Current Opinion in Chemical Biology, Volume 45 Author(s): Richard R Meehan, John P Thomson, Antonio Lentini, Colm E Nestor, Sari Pennings Recent progress in interpreting comprehensive genetic and epigenetic profiles for human cellular states has c more

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Chemical biology

Chemical biology Chemical biology is a scientific discipline spanning the fields of chemistry and biology that involves the application of chemical techniques and tools, often compounds produced through synthetic chemistry , to the study and ma ... more


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