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Becton Dickinson GmbH, Germany

BD is a leading global medical technology company that develops, manufactures and sells medical devices, instrument systems and reagents. We are focused on improving drug delivery, enhancing the quality and speed of diagnosing infectious diseases and cancers, and advancing research, discovery and pr more

Merck Chemicals GmbH, Germany

Merck Millipore is the Life Science division of Merck KGaA of Germany and offers a broad range of innovative, performance products, services and business relationships that enable our customers’ success in research, development and production of biotech and pharmaceutical drug therapies. Through ded more

Miltenyi Biotec GmbH, Germany

Miltenyi Biotec is a global provider of products and services that advance biomedical research and cellular therapy. Since 1989, we have developed innovative and reliable technologies for scientists and clinicians around the world. Our integrated portfolio of tools covers techniques of sample prepar more

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Products Cell Analysis

Streamlined Tissue Cytometry

Three operating modes: Live Mode, Slide Scan Mode and the unique Instant Scan Mode ✓ Single cell analysis (HistoQuest) and contextual analysis (StrataQuest) more

Biosensor Technology Meets Live Cell Imaging

Flexible live cell imaging ✓ Simple workflow ✓ Multi-modal data acquisition and analysis more

When exceptional performance meets simplicity

High sensitivity and resolution ✓ Intuitive and powerful software for data acquisition, analysis, and reporting ✓ Automation-ready capability for high throughput needs more

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Software Cell Analysis

7th generation of tissue cytometry analysis now featuring machine- and deep-learning modules

StrataQuest: contextual image analysis including machine and deep learning modules TissueQuest and HistoQuest: single-cell analysis for brightfield and immunofluorescence more

Catalogs Cell Analysis

Transforming Labs That Transform the World

Agilent creates innovative instruments, software, services and solutions that provide trusted answers to our customers’ most critical questions and challenges. more

Countstar® Cell Analysers – The overview

This catalogue gives you a comprehensive overview about the bright field and fluorescence models of the Countstar® analysers - produced by ALIT Life Science more

News Cell Analysis

  • COVID-19: Release of immature blood cells from bone marrow as a signature of severe disease

    In severe cases of COVID-19 disease, not only classic immune cells play a role. In particular, the release of immature precursor cells from the bone marrow into the blood indicates a particularly severe course of the disease and could contribute to complications. This has been shown by an internatio more

  • Novel label-free biosensor platform for innovate modern drug screening

    After almost a decade of initial invention and joint research on the Focal Molography technology at Roche, a leading player in the diagnostics and pharmaceutical area, and ETH Zurich as one of Europe’s most renowned research institutes, lino Biotech AG has licensed the technology to further develop more

  • Talent Scout in the Cell Factory

    They’re small, but mighty: microorganisms. The industry known as “white biotechnology” takes advantage of their potential in a variety of ways, for example to produce chemicals, medicines, or dietary supplements. The little powerhouses’ work can be found in a whole series of products, the number of more

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Videos Cell Analysis

When exceptional performance meets simplicity

The NovoCyte Penteon flow cytometer builds on its successful predecessor, the NovoCyte, and provides an expanded set of capabilities that accommodate today’s high-end and increasingly sophisticated multi-color flow cytometry assays. You now have the flexibility to choose from up to 30 fluorescence c more

Streamlined Tissue Cytometry

TissueGnostics is proud to announce the compact tissue cytometer StrataFAXS II in our product line, a 2-slide brightfield scanner with a contemporary user interface enabling an interactive workflow and unique scanning modes. Navigate through your samples with a large field of view in real-time using more

7th generation of tissue cytometry analysis now featuring machine- and deep-learning modules

The goal of TissueGnostics (TG) is to bring the same type of phenotypical and functional analysis as known from flow cytometry (FACS) into tissue context. Explore your IHC/HC and IF processed samples using TG’s single-cell analysis solutions TissueQuest & HistoQuest and/or the contextual analysis so more

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  • Mapping the vertebrate developmental landscape

    Single-Cell Analysis As embryos develop, numerous cell types with distinct functions and morphologies arise from pluripotent cells. Three research groups have used single-cell RNA sequencing to analyze the transcriptional changes accompanying development of vertebrate embryos (see the Perspective by more

  • Single-cell analysis identifies a CD33+ subset of human cord blood cells with high regenerative potential

    Elucidation of the identity and diversity of mechanisms that sustain long-term human blood cell production remains an important challenge. Previous studies indicate that, in adult mice, this property is vested in cells identified uniquely by their ability to clonally regenerate detectable, albeit hi more

  • Mapping the planarian transcriptome

    Single-Cell Analysis A cell type's transcriptome defines the active genes that control its biology. Two groups used single-cell RNA sequencing to define the transcriptomes for essentially all cell types of a complete animal, the regenerative planarian Schmidtea mediterranea. Because pluripotent stem more

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