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Cardiac Arrhythmias

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  • Customised silicone heart valves

    Scientists at ETH Zurich and the South African company Strait Access Technologies are using 3D printing to produce custom-made artificial heart valves from silicone. This could help meet an ageing population’s growing demand for replacement heart valves. The human heart has four chambers, each equip more

  • Substance in Chinese Medicine can cause cardiac arrhythmia

    A medicinal plant frequently used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) – Evodia rutaecarpa – contains substances that can cause cardiac arrhythmia. This is what researchers from the Universities of Basel, Vienna and Utrecht have recently found out. Extracts of the plant Evodia rutaecarpa are used more

  • New view of the heartbeat

    The human cardiac voltage-gated sodium channel (Nav1.5) plays a critical role in maintaining regular heartbeats. Mutations in Nav1.5 cause life-threatening heart rhythm disorders (arrhythmias). Nav1.5 is sensitive to the calcium-ion sensor protein calmodulin (CaM); however, the exact mechanism of ho more

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