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  • Antimicrobial resistance is drastically rising

    An international team of researchers led by ETH has shown that antimicrobial-resistant infections are rapidly increasing in animals in low and middle income countries. They produced the first global of resistance rates, and identified regions where interventions are urgently needed. The world is exp more

  • Common diarrhoea pathogen unknown to many people

    Salmonella, genetically modified foods and microplastics in food head the awareness scale of health and consumer topics in Germany. Despite this, more than three quarters of Germans regard food as safe. This is the result of the latest Consumer Monitor - a representative population survey carried ou more

  • Germs in the kitchen: Salmonella better known than Campylobacter

    What health risks are consumers aware of? What are they concerned about? The answers to these questions are provided by the BfR Consumer Monitor, a representative population survey conducted regularly by the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR). On the one hand it reflects the public p more

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Campylobacter The genus Campylobacter are Gram-negative , spiral, microaerophilic bacteria . Motile , with either uni- or bi-polar flagella , the organisms have a somewhat curved, rod-like appearance, and are oxidase -positive. Campylobacter ... more


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