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  • A new regulator in glucose metabolism

    Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease that has become increasingly prevalent in the population: More than six million people are affected by the disease alone in Germany. It is characterized by a disruption of the glucose metabolism and (except for type 1 diabetes) an impaired response of the body more

  • Molecularly shutting down cancer cachexia

    Healthy fat tissue is essential for extended survival in the event of tumor-induced wasting syndrome (cachexia). In Nature Medicine, researchers at Helmholtz Zentrum München show that selective manipulation of an enzyme can stop unwanted metabolic processes. Cancer often results in weight loss due more

  • Blocking release of the hormone ghrelin may mediate low blood sugar effect

    Researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center have identified a previously unknown role of a cellular signaling molecule involved in release of the "hunger hormone" ghrelin, a finding that could have implications for optimal treatment of children taking beta blockers. The molecule, beta 1 adrenergic more

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Cachexia Cachexia () is loss of weight , muscle atrophy , fatigue, weakness and significant loss of appetite in someone who is not actively trying to lose weight. It can be a sign of various underlying disorders; when a patient presents with ... more


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