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  • Moths and magnets could save lives

    A new technology that relies on a moth-infecting virus and nanomagnets could be used to edit defective genes that give rise to diseases like sickle cell, muscular dystrophy and cystic fibrosis. Rice University bioengineer Gang Bao has combined magnetic nanoparticles with a viral container drawn from more

  • Oxford Expression Technologies Signs Two New Research Collaboration Agreements

    Oxford Expression Technologies Ltd (OET has signed research collaboration agreements with ParaTechs and LifeSensors. The projects aim to enhance and expand OET’s flashBAC™ portfolio of baculovirus protein expression systems. OET’s propriety flashBAC technology is a baculovirus based recombinant sys more

  • Oxford Expression Technologies and Eden Biodesign Sign Co-marketing Agreement

    Oxford Expression Technologies (OET) and Eden Biodesign have announced that they have signed a co-marketing agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, OET will offer its customers access to Eden Biodesign’s process development, clinical trial cGMP manufacturing and analytical development services. more

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Baculovirus The baculoviruses are a family of large rod-shaped virus es that can be divided to two genera: nucleopolyhedrovirus es (NPV) and granulovirus es (GV). While GVs contain only one nucleocapsid per envelope , NPVs contain either singl ... more


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