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European Life Scientist Organization Europäische Organisation der Lebenswissenschaftler (ELSO) e.V.

Im Eichwald 19
69126 Heidelberg

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ELSO – the European Life Scientist Organization – was founded in 1999 to capture the excitement of these rapid advances and to share them with molecular life scientists across Europe. One of its main roles is to organize an annual congress on European soil that provides a high-profile international forum for the field. We have held five of these meetings: in Geneva (September 2000), Nice (June–July 2002 and September 2004) and Dresden (September 2003 and September 2005). They have been extremely successful, drawing up to 2,000 participants including a large number of young researchers. About 40% of the participants at the ELSO meetings are PhD students! The speakers are always the best in their field internationally and the poster sessions are buzzing. What’s more, our large scientific product exhibition has becoming the prime opportunity for the scientific supply industry to present its products and services to the European life science community.

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