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CANDOR Bioscience GmbH, Germany

CANDOR Bioscience GmbH - The ELISA Experts CANDOR Bioscience GmbH is an internationally oriented enterprise which develops, produces and distributes a comprehensive selection of premium solutions for immunoassays. CANDOR offers more than 50 different products including optimizers, blockers, stabil more

GKM Gesellschaft für Therapieforschung mbH, Germany

GKM (Gesellschaft für Therapieforschung mbH) is an independent, family-owned contract research organization (CRO). GKM provides a comprehensive portfolio of CRO services for the pharmaceutical industry, manufacturers of medical devices and academia. Founded in 1981, GKM is headquartered in Munich, more

Chimera Biotec GmbH, Germany

Chimera Biotec is dedicated to the development of ultra-sensitive, customer-specific immunoassays for protein analysis based on their proprietary Imperacer® technology. Furthermore Chimera offers services and products for a broad range of applications. more

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  • The power of tea

    A compound found in green tea could have lifesaving potential for patients with multiple myeloma and amyloidosis, who face often-fatal medical complications associated with bone-marrow disorders, according to a team of engineers at Washington University in St. Louis and their German collaborators. J more

  • Images of NMDA receptors help explain how they are affected by zinc and a drug

    The difference between mental health and mental illness can turn on changes in brain cells and their connections that are almost incomprehensibly tiny, at least in physical terms. This irony is brought to light by X-ray crystallography, a method that enables neuroscientists to map the structure of b more

  • BioInvent reports clinical hold on BI-505 phase II study

    BioInvent International has received verbal notice from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that a full clinical hold (i.e. no further dosing of patients) has been placed on BioInvent’s current clinical Phase II study with the antibody BI-505 in patients with multiple myeloma. BioInvent has not ye more

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Understanding the Drug Discovery Process

As a consumer, it’s easy to be oblivious to the amount of time, work, and money that goes into the development of a drug. The cost of developing a drug that goes on to gain marketing approval was estimated to be $2,558 million in 2014, and the process can commonly last longer than a decade. Addition more

A Rough Guide to Types of Scientific Evidence

Today’s graphic looks at science in general, rather than just chemistry. It’s in a similar vein to the Rough Guide to Spotting Bad Science posted last year, but this time looking at the hierarchy of different types of scientific evidence. You might think science is science, but some evidence is rank more

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27-02 – 28-02
New York, US

Frontiers in Cancer Immunotherapy

Cancer immunotherapy—the use of the immune system to treat cancer—is one of the most promising therapies to emerge since the development of chemotherapy in the mid-twentieth century. Harnessing the body's own innate defense mechanisms to attack cancer cells has demonstrated potential for developing

07-03 – 09-03
Philadelphia, US

6th CROWN Congress

The CROWN Congress attracts an elite gathering of clinical decision-makers eager to learn, network and engage on topics critical to the effective development, management and execution of clinical trials. CROWN provides a comprehensive education on the latest strategies, trends, tools and technologie

16-03 – 17-03
London, GB

the International Congress on Clinical Trials in Oncology and Hemato-Oncology (ICTO2017)

The International Congress on Clinical Trials in Oncology and Hemato-Oncology (ICTO2017) scheduled to take place in London, UK from 16-17 March 2017. ICTO2017 will bring together world renowned speakers in the field of Clinical Trials and Oncology and Hemato-Oncology and this first congress will wel

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AIDS Clinical Trials Group

AIDS Clinical Trials Group The AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG) is the largest HIV clinical trials organization in the world, playing a major role in setting standards of care for HIV infection and opportunistic diseases related to HIV and AID ... more


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