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Western Blotting

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CANDOR Bioscience GmbH, Germany

CANDOR Bioscience GmbH is an internationally oriented enterprise which develops, produces and distributes a comprehensive selection of premium solutions for immunoassays. CANDOR offers more than 50 different products including optimizers, blockers, stabilizers and buffer solutions for immunoassays. more

Products Western Blotting

Next generation of Gel and Blot Imagers

No matter what your preferred method of western blotting is, the UVP ChemStudio Series features the highest sensitivity in gel analysis available more

The All-In-One Solution for Western Blotting

ReadyTector is the all-in-one detection solution for Western blotting. ReadyTector enables a fast one step immunodetection without background more

News Western Blotting

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific Acquires Affinity BioReagents

    Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. announced that it has acquired Affinity BioReagents, provider of antibodies, peptides, proteins and other reagents for life science research, based in Golden, Colorado. "Affinity BioReagents is an ideal complement to our existing capabilities in protein research," said more

  • Fisher Biosciences collaborates with Dyomics

    Through a collaboration with Dyomics GmbH, an developer and manufacturer of fluorescent dyes and other markers for biomolecular research, Fisher Biosciences is now able to develop and manufacture an expanded range of products for protein and nucleic-acid detection under the Pierce brand. Dyomics' p more

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The All-In-One Solution for Western Blotting

ReadyTector® is the all-in-one detection solution for Western blotting. ReadyTector contains everything you need for fast, all-in-one immunodetection. Only a specific primary antibody has to be added. All-in-one means that one solution contains everything you need, and the entire process takes place more

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  • HIV-AIDS Testing Markets

    There are an estimated 33.3 million people living with HIV (the virus which causes AIDS) worldwide and approximately 2.6 million people are newly-infected each year. While the Asian and African regions account for more than 90% of the HIV-infected population (with the highest number in Sub-Saharan A more

  • Global Biosimilars Market Report: 2012 Edition

    The biosimilar market is presently a small segment of the pharmaceutical industry. However, in the years to come, the market for biosimilars has huge growth opportunity despite of the high entry barriers. The governments in the developed countries are desperately trying to control their national hea more


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