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  • Tracking the HI virus

    An international team of researchers led by Dr Cyril Favard and Dr Delphine Muriaux from the Montpellier Infectious Disease Research Institute in collaboration with Prof. Dr Christian Eggeling from the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, the Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology (Leibniz IPHT), a more

  • Researchers combine light and X-ray microscopy for comprehensive insights

    Researchers at the University of Goettingen have used a novel microscopy method. In doing so they were able to show both the illuminated and the "dark side" of the cell. The team led by Prof. Dr. Tim Salditt and Prof. Dr. Sarah Köster from the Institute of X-Ray Physics "attached" small fluorescent more

  • Suitable Protein Tags for Nanoscopy

    Modern optical technologies such as super-resolution nanoscopy enable to exactly image small structures and molecular processes, therefore, providing a fascinating view into living cells. To visualize such processes in the nanometer range, cellular structures of interest have to be efficiently label more

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STED microscopy

STED microscopy Stimulated Emission Depletion microscopy, or STED microscopy, is a technique that has overcome the limits imposed by diffraction with standard confocal laser scanning microscope s and conventional far-field optical microscopes . ... more


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