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Septic Shock

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  • Study ends debate over role of steroids in treating septic shock

    The results from the largest ever study of septic shock could improve treatment for critically ill patients and save health systems worldwide hundreds of millions of dollars each year. Researchers at The George Institute for Global Health studied whether the use of steroids as an additional treatmen more

  • UF researchers hope clinical trial will lead to new sepsis treatment

    University of Florida researchers are part of a nationwide clinical trial to evaluate whether an anti-cancer medication can be effective against sepsis and septic shock. Sepsis is thought to blunt the immune system in ways similar to some kinds of cancer through PD-1, a protein emitted by certain ce more

  • Research spotlights early signs of disease using infrared light

    While more research is needed to confirm the findings the use of FITR could herald a fast and easy way to spot early signs of infection, cancer, and difficult to diagnose neurological conditions. The research led by Professors Peter Lay and Georges Grau used Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectro more

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Septic shock

Septic shock Septic shock is a serious medical condition caused by decreased tissue perfusion and oxygen delivery as a result of infection and sepsis . It can cause multiple organ failure and death . Its most common victims are children, imm ... more


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