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  • Gene recombination deactivates retroviruses during invasion of host genomes

    Most vertebrate genomes contain a surprisingly large number of viral gene sequences – about eight percent in humans. And yet how do exogenous viruses – apparently having invaded from outside – manage to become integrated into the host genome? Answers to this question are provided in a study by an in more

  • One if by editing, two if by roadblock

    Fifteen years ago, a class of proteins was discovered, which give humans innate immunity to HIV-1. Unfortunately, HIV-1 is a smart virus and has evolved to battle these proteins. Northeastern researchers, with help from their collaborators, have been studying these proteins for several years to help more

  • The Achilles’ heel of HI virus

    The first line of defense of the immune system against pathogens is innate immunity. It is based on specialized sensor proteins, the receptors. These receptors detect foreign structures, for example, cell wall components of bacteria or also the genetic material of viruses. A cellular molecule known more

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Retrovirus A retrovirus is any virus belonging to the viral family Retroviridae. They are enveloped viruses possessing an RNA genome , and replicate via a DNA intermediate. Retroviruses rely on the enzyme reverse transcriptase to perform th ... more


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