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  • Brain-doping produced by your own body

    Erythropoietin, or Epo for short, is a notorious doping agent. It promotes the formation of red blood cells, leading thereby to enhanced physical performance - at least, that is what we have believed until now. However, as a growth factor, it also protects and regenerates nerve cells in the brain. R more

  • "Census" in the zebrafish's brain

    The zebrafish is a master of regeneration: If brain cells are lost due to injury or disease, it can simply reproduce them - contrary to humans where this only happens in the fetal stage. However, the zebrafish is evolutionarily related to humans and, thus, possesses the same brain cell types as huma more

  • Milk from Teeth

    Stem cells of the teeth can contribute to the regeneration of non-dental organs, namely mammary glands. According to a new study from researchers at the University of Zurich, dental epithelial stem cells from mice can generate mammary ducts and even milk-producing cells when transplanted into mammar more

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Nerve regeneration

Nerve regeneration Nervous system injuries affect over 90,000 people every year, though function recovery is not guaranteed in most cases [1]. It is estimated that spinal cord injuries alone reach 10,000 each year [2]. As a result of this high i ... more


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