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Wyatt Technology Europe GmbH, Germany

Das Hauptanwendungsgebiet liegt in der chromatographischen Kopplung. Mit dem DAWN und der ASTRA-Software für GPC – HPLC oder jede andere Art von chromatographischer Trennung – bestimmen Sie absolute Molmassen ohne Säulenkalibrierung und Standards! more

Postnova Analytics GmbH, Germany

Leading Manufacturer of Systems and Services for Field-Flow Fractionation and Light Scattering used for the Separation and Characterization of Biopolymers, Protein Aggregates and Nanoparticles. Chromatography Supplies and Consumables for GPC, SEC, HPLC and CE. more

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Accurate, Intuitive and Modular Refractometers

Excellence Refractometers can measure almost any sample from various industries more

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  • MIT creates 3-D images of living cell

    A new imaging technique developed at MIT has allowed scientists to create the first 3D images of a living cell, using a method similar to the X-ray CT scans doctors use to see inside the body. The technique, described in a paper published in Nature Methods, could be used to produce the most detailed more

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  • Modifications of optical properties in doped germanene nanosheet

    Modifications of optical properties in doped germanene nanosheetNamrata Dhar; Debnarayan JanaInternational Journal of Nano and Biomaterials, Vol. 7, No. 1 (2017) pp. 29 - 37Optical properties, like complex dielectric constant, absorption coefficient, refractive index and reflectivity have been anal more

  • The rise of near-zero-index technologies

    Since the beginning of metamaterial research, the electrodynamic properties of media with a refractive index near zero have attracted the interest of the scientific community because of the intriguing wave phenomena that they are expected to exhibit ( 1 – 3 ). As the refractive index approaches zero more

  • Purcell effect for active tuning of light scattering from semiconductor optical antennas

    Subwavelength, high–refractive index semiconductor nanostructures support optical resonances that endow them with valuable antenna functions. Control over the intrinsic properties, including their complex refractive index, size, and geometry, has been used to manipulate fundamental light absorption more

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