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Takara Bio Europe S.A.S., France

Takara Bio Europe and Clontech Laboratories are members of the Takara Bio Group, a leading supplier of tools for life scientists worldwide. Through our brand names Takara® and Clontech® we develop innovative technologies in the fields of Cell Biology, Molecular Biology and Proteomics. Takara Bio h more

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  • Machine Learning to increase biotechnology-based protein production

    In a research co-operation, researchers of the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut (PEI) have developed a mathematical model which allows more accurate forecasts and improved output in the biotechnology-based protein synthesis in host organism. The new method offers many and varied applications in biotechnology i more

  • How estrogen regulates gene expression

    Estrogen hormones regulate gene expression. They achieve this by first binding to estrogen receptor in the cell nucleus, which triggers the recruitment of different molecules called coactivators in specific order. In a study a team of researchers at Baylor College of Medicine, the University of Texa more

  • Scientists seek to engineer chatter among cells

    Communities of cells communicate to coordinate their actions, but how do they coordinate with other communities? Scientists at Rice University and the University of Houston are preparing to find out. Rice synthetic biologist Matthew Bennett and University of Houston mathematician Krešimir Josić are more

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Intact protein expression spectrometry

Intact protein expression spectrometry Intact protein expression spectrometry (IPEx) is a label-free quantitation approach in mass spectrometry under development by the analytical chemistry group at the United States Food and Drug Administratio ... more


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