ÄKTA pure – Flexible and Intuitive Protein Purification System

The Design Allows You to Customize and Easily Upgrade Your System to Meet Your Research Applications

ÄKTA™ lab-scale protein purification systems are designed for purification of biomolecules, providing speed, performance, and flexibility in research and process development. ÄKTA systems use intelligent UNICORN™ system control software to combine simplicity with power in protein purification from your lab bench today to process development and full-scale bioprocess production tomorrow.

ÄKTA pure is a flexible and intuitive purification system for proteins, peptides, and nucleic acids from microgram levels to tens of grams of target product in research applications.

The ÄKTA pure system is available in two versions:

ÄKTA pure 25, designed for a broad range of applications and purification tasks in a multi-user environment, and ÄKTA pure 150, well suited for routine larger-scale (tens of grams) preparative purification.


  • Small scale preparative purification in research (ÄKTA pure 25)
  • Larger-scale (tens of grams) purification (ÄKTA pure 150)

Flow-rate ranges:

  • 0.001–25 ml/min (ÄKTA pure 25)
  • 0.01–150 ml/min (ÄKTA pure 150)

Maximal operating pressures:

  • 20 MPa (ÄKTA pure 25)
  • 5 MPa (ÄKTA pure 150)

Smart Solutions That Free up Your Time
ÄKTA pure reduces hands-on time so that you can spend less time purifying proteins and more time focusing on your results. Easily switch between different users and applications. To get you up and running quickly, methods are easily created by dragging and dropping predefined templates in UNICORN 7.

Purify with Confidence While You're Doing Other Things
ÄKTA pure allows unattended operations by efficiently automating your purification tasks. ÄKTA pure safeguards your samples and columns so that you can focus on other things. Programmable email notifications contact you when an alarm triggers. 

Multi-Step Purification for Fast and Efficient Protein Purification
Purification of protein to sufficiently high yield and purity can be a time- and resource-consuming process. To address fast and efficient protein purification, ÄKTA pure can be set up in different ways to handle multi-step purification.

What Our Customers Are Saying
"The purification group has to deal with as much as about 1500 proteins/year, so that averages about 100 proteins/week.”

“Because the system also can do as many as about seven samples per unit, it means you can actually get a lot more protein purified on the system at any given time."

Dr. Lou Fabri, Director, Protein Technologies, Research, CSL Ltd., Melbourne, Australia

ÄKTA club is a free online community for ÄKTA system users enabling easy and quick access to trustable information about ÄKTA systems and protein purification.

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