Overcome the limitations of shake flask cultivation and speed up development

The Top 3 Advantages

Continuous monitoring - Record the respiratory activity of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells online


Efficient development - 8 online monitoring stations help you speed up development


Compact design - Reproduce the processes of customary bioreactors in parallel on a smaller scale

Fed-batch cultivation and online monitoring for up to 8 shake flasks on the smallest of footprints

RAMOS® puts an end to the limitations of shake flask cultivation. From bioprocess development and optimization to screening, toxicity and validation studies, the compact RAMOS® cultivation system is your reliable and robust partner.

Easily determine respiratory activity and other growth kinetics parameters, such as O2 and CO2 transfer rates, biomass growth, respiration rate and substrate affinity coefficient, all under sterile conditions.

RAMOS® lets you develop the scale-up from bioassays to biotechnological production process on a smaller scale, saving you time and space for your daily lab routines.

Integrate monitoring directly into your laboratory software, for example LabVision®, and process your results in a program you are familiar with.

Benefit from unbeatable value for money and start today with bioprocess optimisation in a shake flask format.

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