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  • As competition goes down, generic drug prices rise

    If the cost of your generic prescription drug has risen, it may be due to a lack of competition among drug manufacturers, according to a University of Florida College of Pharmacy study. More than four in five prescriptions filled in the U.S. are for generic drugs, and UF researchers have found that more

  • BASF increases prices for Vitamin E and A feed grade

    BASF increases prices for Vitamin E and A products for animal nutrition globally and with immediate effect. Prices will increase by 15% for all Vitamin E products and by 10% for all Vitamin A products. Existing contractual obligations with customers will be honored. more

  • BASF increases prices for vitamin B2

    BASF globally increases the price for vitamin B2-products for human and animal nutrition by 10% with immediate effect respectively according to existing contracts terms at the earliest possible date. more

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