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Biomol GmbH, Germany

Biomol GmbH offers antibodies, enzymes, bioactive lipids, microarrays and reagents for biomedical research. Our focus is on cellular regulation and signal transduction. Together with our partners, we also provide a variety of specialized kits for drug discovery. more

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  • Researchers track down new biocatalysts

    Phosphate is a key element in many processes in the body and essential for global food production. Researchers at the University of Göttingen have now developed a method to detect new enzymes from the environment that can release phosphate. This opens up new possibilities for the development and opt more

  • First complete interactome map of human receptor tyrosine kinases and phosphatases

    In 2011, Igor Stagljar, a professor in the University of Toronto's Donnelly Centre, came across a study that genetically linked two genes in the cell to a hard-to-treat (triple negative) breast cancer. It was not clear how the proteins encoded by these genes worked, but Stagljar had a unique way to more

  • New way to fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria

    As more reports appear of a grim “post-antibiotic era” ushered in by the rise of drug-resistant bacteria, a new strategy for fighting infection is emerging that targets a patient’s cells rather than those of the invading pathogens. The technique interferes with the way that the pathogens take over a more

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Purple acid phosphatases

Purple acid phosphatases Purple acid phosphatases (PAPs) () are metalloenzymes that hydrolyse phosphate esters and anhydrides under acidic condition. In their oxidised form, PAPs in solution are purple in colour. This is due to the presence ... more


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