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INTEGRA Biosciences AG, Switzerland

INTEGRA Biosciences is a leading provider of high-quality laboratory tools for liquid handling, media preparation, sterilisation and cell cultivation. The company is committed to creating innovative solutions which fulfil the needs of its customers in research, diagnostics and quality control within more

Publications Peristaltic Pumps

  • A versatile modular bioreactor platform for Tissue Engineering

    Abstract Tissue Engineering (TE) bears potential to overcome the persistent shortage of donor organs in transplantation medicine. Additionally, TE products are applied as human test systems in pharmaceutical research to close the gap between animal testing and the administration of drugs to huma more

  • Fish oil microencapsulation as influenced by spray dryer operational variables

    Summary The effects of spray‐drying air temperature, aspirator rate (drying air mass flow rate), peristaltic pump rate (feed mass flow rate) and spraying air mass flow rate on microencapsulation properties of fish oil including moisture content, particle size, bulk density, encapsulation efficie more

  • Pitx2‐mediated cardiac outflow tract remodeling

    ABSTRACT Background: Heart morphogenesis involves sequential anatomical changes from a linear tube of a single channel peristaltic pump to a four‐chamber structure with two channels controlled by one‐way valves. The developing heart undergoes continuous remodeling, including septation. Resul more

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