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  • Activation of opioid receptor uncovered

    Together with colleagues from Shanghai, Brussels, Canada and the USA, researchers from the University of Bonn have uncovered the binding mechanism of an important pain receptor. The results facilitate the development of new active substances. The opioids used today to treat severe pain can be addict more

  • The pharmacological “fingerprint“ of the fourth opioid receptor

    Pharmacologists from Jena, Toulouse, St. Louis and Boca Raton as well as Montreal, Seattle and Mountain View were able to decipher the molecular behavior of the nociceptin receptor in cells and intact animals. Now published in Science Signaling, their research paper on the investigation of the fourt more

  • Preclinical study suggests path toward non-addictive painkillers

    A pre-clinical study led by Indiana University scientists reports a promising step forward in the search for pain relief methods without the addictive side effects behind the country's current opioid addiction crisis. The research finds that the use of compounds called positive allosteric modulators more

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A Brief Guide to Common Painkillers

Following on from the previous post on antibiotics, it seemed logical to also take a look at the drugs we take to relieve pain. Painkilling drugs, or analgesics, come in a number of forms, but fall broadly into two main classes: non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and opioids. This graphic more

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  • Dialing down the opioids

    Pain The pain relief afforded by morphine and other opioids comes with the cost of behavioral side effects and high addiction potential. He et al. found that the analgesic response to morphine could be enhanced by compounds that activate the peripheral sensory neuron–localized receptor MrgC11 in more

  • Safety and efficacy of an oxycodone vaccine: Addressing some of the unique considerations posed by opioid abuse

    by M. D. Raleigh, S. J. Peterson, M. Laudenbach, F. Baruffaldi, F. I. Carroll, S. D. Comer, H. A. Navarro, T. L. Langston, S. P. Runyon, S. Winston, M. Pravetoni, P. R. Pentel Among vaccines aimed at treating substance use disorders, those targeting opioids present several unique medication devel more

  • ‘Biased’ opioids could yield safer pain relief

    Nearly all of the roughly 64,000 Americans who died from opioid overdoses in 2016 succumbed because their breathing shut down, triggered by the effects of the drugs on important receptors in the brain stem. When they are activated, μ-opioid receptors potently relieve pain. They also control respirat more

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Opioid An opioid is a chemical substance that has a morphine -like action in the body. The main use is for pain relief . These agents work by binding to opioid receptor s, which are found principally in the central nervous system and the gastro ... more


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