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Scale up Microbial Colony Picking with Automation Solutions Tailored to Unique Workflows

The QPixTM Series can pick up to 3000 clones per hour with a typical efficiency of >98%, significantly increasing speed, throughput and walk-away time. more

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  • Smallest life forms have smallest working CRISPR system

    An ancient group of microbes that contains some of the smallest life forms on Earth also has the smallest CRISPR gene-editing machinery discovered to date. The peewee protein machinery, dubbed Cas14, is related to but one-third the size of the Cas9 protein, the business end of the revolutionary gene more

  • High-Tech Gruenderfonds invests in agricultural biotechnology startup

    The non-GMO plant breeding industry increasingly uses high-throughput DNA sequencing to arrive at new crop varieties faster and more efficiently. Computomics offers the cutting-edge bioinformatics analysis services required to efficiently use high-throughput sequencing data. Services include genome more

  • Mummified bodies reveal how tuberculosis ravaged the heart of 18th century Europe

    Bodies found in a 200 year-old Hungarian crypt have revealed the secrets of how tuberculosis (TB) took hold in 18th century Europe, according to a research team led by the University of Warwick. A new study published in Nature Communications details how samples taken from naturally mummified bodies more

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Metagenomics Metagenomics (also Environmental Genomics, Ecogenomics or Community Genomics) is the study of genetic material recovered directly from environment al samples. Traditional microbiology and microbial genome sequencing rely upon cult ... more


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