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  • Synthetic phages with programmable specificity

    ETH researchers are using synthetic biology to reprogram bacterial viruses – commonly known as bacteriophages – to expand their natural host range. This technology paves the way for the therapeutic use of standardized, synthetic bacteriophages to treat bacterial infections. Bacteriophages (“phages” more

  • Glow Reveals Dangerous Bacteria

    Salmonella and listeria are among the most widely distributed and deadliest causes of foodborne infections. Their rapid and reliable detection on food and industrial food processing equipment is very important. In the journal Angewandte Chemie, scientists have introduced a new, ultrasensitive, chemi more

  • Utilizing CRISPR for better antibiotics

    A University of Wisconsin-Madison researcher and his collaborators at the University of California, San Francisco have repurposed the gene-editing tool CRISPR to study which genes are targeted by particular antibiotics, providing clues on how to improve existing antibiotics or develop new ones. Resi more

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Listeria Listeria is a bacterial genus containing six species. Named in honour of Joseph Lister , Listeria species are Gram positive bacilli and are typified by L. monocytogenes , the causative agent of Listeriosis . Listeria ivanovii is ... more


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