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XENOPS Chemicals GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

XENOPS Chemicals was founded in 2016 as a specialist sourcing company focused on the fine chemical and life science industries worldwide. The nucleus of our organization is a dedicated international team of experienced professionals who will assist our clients in all their sourcing needs. Our core b more

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Look up Industrial Syntheses of 2,600 APIs

One-stop source of information relating to the industrial synthesis and commercial applications of every licensed drug of significance more

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  • A new way to create molecules for drug development

    Chemists at The Ohio State University have developed a new and improved way to generate molecules that can enable the design of new types of synthetic drugs. Researchers say this new method of forming reactive intermediates called ketyl radicals offers scientists a way to use catalysts to convert si more

  • Multifunctional catalyst for poison-resistant hydrogen fuel cells

    Japanese collaboration develops catalyst that can oxidize both hydrogen and carbon monoxide to produce energy Demand for eco-friendly fuel sources is increasing as the goal of weaning off our reliance on fossil fuels becomes commonly recognized. Hydrogen represents a possible sustainable fuel source more

  • Mysteries of enzyme mechanism revealed

    An international research team led by the University of Leicester has made a breakthrough advance by trapping an intermediate in the mechanism of enzymes called heme peroxidases and determining its structure using a beam of neutrons from the heart of a nuclear reactor. The Leicester team members say more

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  • NGL Fine-chem Ltd. - Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

    NGL Fine-chem Ltd. (NGL) is a publicly held pharmaceutical company. It is principally engaged in the manufacture of pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediate products that are used in animal and human health. The company's products include finished dosage forms, diminazene aceturate granules and h more

  • Shilpa Medicare Ltd. (SHILPAMED) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

    Shilpa Medicare Ltd. (SHILPAMED) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review Summary Shilpa Medicare Ltd. is a pharmaceuticals manufacturing company. It manufactures and export high-quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Fine Chemicals, intermediates, herbal products and specialty chemical more

  • Auro Laboratories Limited - Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

    Auro Laboratories Limited (Auro Laboratories) is pharmaceutical company that is engaged in the manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), intermediates and generic formulations. The company principally focuses on the preparation of anti-diabetic drugs. Auro Laboratories manufactures more

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