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Gene Regulation

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Biomol GmbH, Germany

Biomol GmbH offers antibodies, enzymes, bioactive lipids, microarrays and reagents for biomedical research. Our focus is on cellular regulation and signal transduction. Together with our partners, we also provide a variety of specialized kits for drug discovery. more

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  • Defined Blockade: Enzymatic photocaging for the study of gene regulation through DNA methylation

    The addition and removal of methyl groups on DNA plays an important role in gene regulation. In order to study these mechanisms more precisely, a German team has developed a new method by which specific methylation sites can be blocked and then unblocked at a precise time through irradiation with li more

  • Using electrical stimulus to regulate genes

    A team of researchers led by ETH professor Martin Fussenegger has succeeded in using an electric current to directly control gene expression for the first time. Their work provides the basis for medical implants that can be switched on and off using electronic devices outside the body. This is how i more

  • FLAM-seq: the full picture of messenger RNA and their tails

    Researchers in MDC’s Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology (BIMSB) have developed a tool enabling accurate sequencing of messenger RNA along with their tails for the first time. Professor Nikolaus Rajewsky and his team described this new tool, called full-length poly(A) and mRNA sequencing, o more

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