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Fluorescence Spectroscopy

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  • Science provides new way to peer into pores

    Rice University scientists led a project to "see" and measure the space in porous materials, even if that space is too small or fragile for traditional microscopes. The Rice lab of chemist Christy Landes invented a technique to characterize such nanoscale spaces, an important advance toward her grou more

  • The Interior of a Cell from a Moving Protein’s Point of View

    Numerous obstacles posed by cellular structures hinder protein movements within the cell. Researchers from Heidelberg University and the German Cancer Research Center have succeeded in mapping the intracellular topology by observing proteins in living cells on multiple time and length scales. By dev more

  • Rice University researchers optimize photoluminescent probes to study DNA and more

    Sorting good data from bad is critical when analyzing microscopic structures like cells and their contents, according to researchers at Rice University. The trick is to find the right window of time through which to look.A new paper by the Rice lab of Angel Martí, an assistant professor of chemistry more

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