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IBA GmbH, Germany

For more than two decades IBA Lifesciences develops and provides innovative solutions for your life science applications. Our portfolio includes tools for Cell Selection & Expansion, Protein Production & Assays as well as Custom Oligos & Predefined DNA/RNA. Cell selection & expansion Fab-TACS® tec more

dianova GmbH, Germany

We have been providing our research and routine customers premium antibodies, immunoassays and products for molecular biology since 1982. We take the time to carefully consider all your queries and are pleased to support you in selecting primary antibodies, secondary antibodies and detection system more

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  • Super-Resolution RNA Imaging in Live Cells

    Ribonucleic acid (RNA) is key to various fundamental biological processes. It transfers genetic information, translates it into proteins or supports gene regulation. To achieve a more detailed understanding of the precise functions it performs, researchers based at Heidelberg University and at the K more

  • Formation of quadruple helix DNA tracked in live human cells for the first time

    The formation of four-stranded DNA has been tracked in living human cells, allowing scientists to see how it works, and its possible role in cancer. DNA usually forms the classic double helix shape discovered in 1953 - two strands wound around each other. Several other structures have been formed in more

  • Imaging nerve-cell interactions

    A new imaging technique developed by LMU researchers is garnering lots of attention. Based on a method for making tissues, organs and even whole organisms transparent, it promises to transform studies of the nervous system in particular. A new bioimaging technology provides unprecedented insights in more

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