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WinFlash refers to a family of educational software programs developed by Open Window Software. The discussion below focuses on WinFlash Educator, a flashcard program.

The program was developed to improve the efficiency of study time spent on memorization-intensive subjects. It incorporates the Leitner System for developing and maintaining mastery of large, long-term data sets (e.g. language vocabulary, medical terminology, aircraft operating procedures) but also offers several more targeted study modes that are more suitable for short-term needs, including the occasional 'cram session'.


  • Full Unicode and font effect support - including sub- and super-script
  • PalmOS and PocketPC support (with companion HandyCards program)
  • Print support for many popular card formats - single and two-sided
  • Multiple learning algorithms including the Leitner System
  • Built in audio recording capability
  • Content import from a variety of sources including the Windows clipboard
  • Text-to-speech capability with output to .wav and .mp3 for audio study
  • Capabilities to combine, extract and filter existing study files
  • Built-in spell checker
  • Automatically graded test results with printable reports
  • Graphics, audio and video support
  • Minimal-keystroke entry of new data with QuickDeck


    WinFlash is distributed as shareware. A free trial version is available for download.


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