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Water dropwort

See Oenanthe for the bird genus of this name.


Oenanthe aquatica
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Magnoliopsida
Order: Apiales
Family: Apiaceae
Genus: Oenanthe

O. aquatica - Fine-leafed water dropwort
O. crocata - Hemlock water dropwort
O. fistulosa - Tubular water dropwort
O. fluviatilis - River water dropwort
O. javanica - Java water dropwort, Japanese parsley
O. javanica ssp. javanica - Java water dropwort
O. javanica ssp. stolonifera - Stolon water dropwort
O. lachenalii - Parsley water dropwort
O. laciniata - Cutleaf water dropwort
O. peucidanifolia
O. pimpinelloides - Corky-fruited water dropwort
O. sarmentosa - Water parsley
O. silaifolia - Narrow-leafed water dropwort

The Oenanthe or water dropworts are a genus of plants from the family Apiaceae.

Several of the species, most notably O. crocata, are extremely poisonous, the active poison being oenanthotoxin. This species closely resembles the Parsnip, both in foliage and the white root. The root is particularly dangerous, as it lacks the unpleasant flavour of the foliage, but is equally toxic: the species is common in wet ditches and streamsides, and the roots are often exposed when drainage ditches are cleared. Livestock fatalities are frequent when these exposed roots are found and eaten in mistake for parsnips, one root being sufficient to kill a cow. Human fatalities are also known in these circumstances.

O. javanica, Japanese parsley is grown in Japan, where the spring growth ("seri" in Japanese) is relished as a vegetable.



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