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Other names Veratrine
CAS number 71-62-5
PubChem 6280
SMILES C[C@H]1CC[C@H]2[C@@]([C@]3([C@H](C[C@]4 ([C@@H]5CC[C@H]6[C@]7([C@]5(C[C@]4 ([C@@H]3CN2C1)O)O[C@@]6([C@H](CC7)OC(=O) C8=CC(=C(C=C8)OC)OC)O)C)O)O)O)(C)O
Molecular formula C36H51NO11
Molar mass 673.79 g/mol
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Veratridine is a steroid-derived alkaloid that functions as a neurotoxin by activating sodium ion channels and increasing intracellular Ca2+ concentration. It acts by preferentially binding to activated Na+ channels causing persistent activation.

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