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Vaccine critic

Vaccine critic is a poorly defined concept describing people including:

  • A penumbra of those who are not entirely anti-vaccinationist but campaign to prevent or avoid some aspect of vaccination such as a single component of a particular vaccine for one or more specific reasons applying only to that component
  • Anti-vaccinationists (those opposed to all vaccination) who describe themselves as critics.

The concept can be identified from viewing various of the anti-vaccination websites and is referred to in a Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine (2005) review describing the differences between contemporary anti-vaccination campaigns and those before 1907 [1].

Vaccine critics should be distinguishable from anti-vaccinationists by being in favour of some specific immunisations for some specific people in some specific circumstances, and explaining those clearly.


Vaccine critics


  • Gerhard Buchwald
  • Robert S. Mendelsohn
  • Viera Scheibner
  • Beddow Bayly
  • Hans Rüesch
  • Harris Coulter

Early anti-vaccinationists (c. 1850-1910)


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