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Cronartium ribicola (Uredinales: Cronartiaceae)
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Fungi
Division: Basidiomycota
Subdivision: Teliomycotina
Class: Urediniomycetes
D.Hawksw., B.Sutton & Ainsw.

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Urediniomycetes is a diverse class of fungi that includes several important plant pathogens causing forms of fungal rust. It is the only class in the subdivision Teliomycotina of basidiomycetes.


Urediniomycetes develop no basidiocarp, karyogamy occurs in a thick-walled resting spore (teliospore), and meiosis occurs upon germination of teliospore. They have simple septal pores without membrane caps and disc-like spindle pole bodies. Except for a few species, the basidia are transversally septate. Mannose is the major cell wall carbohydrate, glucose, fucose and rhamnose are the less prevalent neutral sugars and xylose is not present.


The class contains approximately 7400 species, distributed among approximately 215 genera, but can be much larger as many cryptic species are recognized. More than 95% of the species and 75% of the genera are placed in the order Uredinales. Due to the rapid accumulation of new data, the classification of Urediniomycetes is still under development. Currently, the class is divided into the orders Agaricostilbales, Atractiellales, Classiculales, Microbotryales, Septobasidiales, Sporidiales and Uredinales. Three subclasses (Urediniomycetidae, Agaricostilbomycetidae and Microbotryomycetidae) have been proposed. An attempt of integrated consensus-classification is presented below:

  • Subclass: Microbotryomycetidae
Order: Cryptomycocolacales Oberwinkler & Bauer
Family: Cryptomycocolacaceae Oberwinkler & Bauer
Order: Heterogastridiales Oberwinkler & Bauer
Family: Heterogastridiaceae Oberwinkler & Bauer
Order: Leucosporidiales Sampaio, Weiss & Bauer
Order: Sporidiobolales Sampaio, Weiss & Bauer
Family: Sporidiobolaceae Moore emend. Sampaio, Weiss & Bauer
Order: Microbotryales Bauer & Oberwinkler
Family: Microbotryaceae Moore
Family: Ustilentylomataceae Bauer & Oberwinkler
Taxa of the Microbotryomycetidae incertae sedis
Family: Krieglsteineraceae Pouzar
Family: Camptobasidiaceae Moore
Genera: Atractocolax, Bensingtonia, Colacogloea, Kriegeria
  • Subclass: Agaricostilbomycetidae
Order: Agaricostilbales Oberwinkler & Bauer
Family: Agaricostilbaceae Oberwinkler & Bauer
Family: Chionosphaeraceae Oberwinkler & Bandon
Taxa of the Agaricostilbomycetidae incertae sedis
Genera: Bensingtonia, Kondoa, Kurtzmanomyces, Mycogloea, Sporobolomyces, Sterigmatomyces, Spiculogloea, Zygogloea
  • Subclass: Urediniomycetidae
Order: Uredinales Arthur
14 families
Order: Septobasidiales Couch ex Donk
Family: Septobasidiaceae Maire
Family: Pachnocybaceae Oberwinkler & Bauer
Order: Platygloeales Moore
Taxa of the Urediniomycetidae incertae sedis
Family: Eocronartiaceae Jülich
Genera: Helicobasidium, Herpobasidium, Insolibasidium, Jola, Platycarpa, Ptechetelium
  • Other groups of uncertain position:
Order Atractiellales Oberwinkler & Bandoni
Family: Hoehnelomycetaceae Jülich
Family: Phleogenaceae Weese
Family: Helicogloeaceae Jülich
Order: Classiculales Bauer, Begerow, Oberwinkler & Marvanová
Family: Classiculaceae Bauer, Begerow, Oberwinkler & Marvanová
Order: Cystobasidiales (Bauer & Sampaio, in prep.)


  • The Tree of Life page on Urediniomycotina[1]
  • The Classification of Dimorphic Basidiomycetes[2]
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